Who is Dilek Süzal?

Dilek is a globally recognized International Coach Federation – PCCWIFI Diploma Business CoachISO/IEC 17024 Certified Coach and Professional Women’s Network Vienna Mentor located in Vienna, Austria. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation Austria Chamber, she holds master’s degree in architecture, is Austrian with Turkish roots with Turkish as her native language and speaks fluent English and German along with basic Italian.

She was recently featured by Metropole, the leading English-language media outlet in Austria: Coaching Your Way Out of the Pandemic: Why Now Is the Best Time to Jump-Start Your Life. And she is featured in “Top 15 Coaches in Vienna 2022” list by Influence Digest Media 

She works as a professional coach at Dilek Süzal Coaching & Training. From working for architectural offices, to having a managerial position in one of the biggest corporate companies in Turkey, from working for a family-owned Austrian company with the 4th generation in business, to the professional social work, she brings vast experience from a variety of fields.

The more she consulted her clients for a better spatial quality the more curious she got about human phycology and the reasons behind this very drive for “change” to attain a more satisfying life.  She gradually transitioned herself into coaching with which she could continue to serve her clients with her strengths and talents of conceptual creativity, project management, empathy, social & soft skills, inter-cultural and multi-lingual communication, idea structuring, contextualising and time management.

Currently, by building bridges between architectural and coaching tools, she keeps her focus on individuals who desire to build their new mental environment to turn into solution-focused, fulfilled, high-achievers.

She is married, a proud mother of two, and an explorer in life. She has re-created her life and career in the past decade and she walked the talk herself. She loves being on the stage; public speaking, singing and performing in theater pieces are parts of her personal history. Life-long learning and life-long sharing are what keep her alive.

What is her offer?

Dilek is a life & business coach who supports proactive individuals to discover and perform in the niche, not only they fit in but also, they belong to:

  • By supporting team members to clarify their role, individual contribution to their team and methods of high-performance in their corporate environments with multiple layers of employment, management, targets and complexity.
  • By guiding entrepreneurs to structure a mindset & to map out their profitable business strategy, products or services that are evolving from their genius zone.
  • By supporting volunteers who dedicate their time for others to self-reflect and self-master their skills, talents and values and serve in their environment accordingly.

As a career coach she delivers consultancy services to people who feel stuck in their careers. In this regard, she supports them in becoming impactful professionals who avoid procrastination and take action to maximize their productive and creative potential. She methodologically empowers them to scale up, expand, transform and design a new path of fulfillment with her onsite and online coaching sessions, mentoring programs and trainings.

If you are committed to take action for yourself in the following areas, please feel free to get in touch with Dilek

  • Self – Awareness & Mastery for a Compelling Life and Career
  • Courage and Strategy for Transformation
  • Performing in Multi-Cultural Environments
  • Professional Development and Career Transition
  • Business Coaching & Entrepreneurship
  • Body-Mind-Soul Alignment & Preventing Procrastination & Scaling up Productivity

She works with a concrete structure, an easy-to-track methodology and practically applicable tools. Then, the “Change” becomes doable & the “Transformation” becomes possible.

Education and Certification

 Professional Trainings

  • Project Management
  • Gender and Diversity Management
  • JobIMPULS Potential Screening
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Guidance and Leadership
  • TMI Techniques for Presentation
  • CAP, Competencies Assessment Program
  • Basic Principles of Finance
  • Effective Negotiation Skills