I woke up early this morning and prepared my kids for school. I have my day-off at work so as my kids started their day apart from me, I did my 40 min yoga. Then household, formalities regarding everyday life, phone calls, laundry, etc. etc., but at 11:16 am I am here to chase MY DREAMS!

-Why am I writing every single detail down?

-Because the details make a realistic image in our brains. When our brains are synchronized with the story teller, we are vibrating in the same frequency and COMMUNICATION begins! ☺ 

For all those years; I tried to figure out where I really belonged. This was my existentialist issue to deal with. That was my test to go through…At the age of 40, after many days of questioning I came up with some answers. Here comes the ‘about me’ part.

An Autobiography of ‘Nobody’

My journey has started in Ankara, Turkey. 

On the 19th of June 1979, my dear mother was still pregnant with me. She did not even know if I was a boy or a girl, if I could manage to come to this world healthy or sick, heavy or light weight, tall or small at all. 

That night started the contractions that helped me say ‘hi’ to this world the next day at 13:45 pm, as a healthy baby girl 49 cm tall and weighed 2.800 kg. “Like a kitten” as my beloved father used to put it. 

I was just one of the bizarre things that became real overnight like many other things in this strange world. 

For sure I had a history of 9 months and appx. 10 days but nobody called me ‘an individual’ back then. I was a ‘breathing organ’ in my mother’s body.

Fast forward 20, in my early teenage hood I became a ‘breathing organ’ in the society. Strangely enough I wasn’t called ‘an individual’ still…

My story is written in my early 40s to encourage you to become ‘an individual’ who can decide on her/his everyday life and future; who is responsible for her/his own actions and who can stand on her/his own feet consciously, fulfilled and happy. Somebody who wants to discover the purposeful goal of life and spend every single day directed to reach that goal by earning a living out of it. 

Basically, someone who superposes her/his meaning of life with the income tool or everyday activity. It can sure be ‘volunteering’ when one does not need to earn a living. 

It means, waking up every morning to a ‘job’, doing exactly what you are gifted at. Being creative, free and economically independent.

Is it ever possible to combine those, you might ask? This is the question that I have been asking myself almost for the past 20 years. 

Yes, indeed, it is possible.

I believe my story is no different than yours. The only distinction in between is that the one that belongs to me was written. I have created a structure in which you will follow where I come from, where I did pit stops, where I was happy, where I was blurred and where I stood back on my feet and found my way back home. 

Would you like to go on a journey with me?

Would you like to see how I came so far? 

Would you like to write your own story?

If you wish to work with me, at the end of our coaching journey together;

You will be able to:

Fill up your own charts, 

Fill in your own blanks!