My MISSION as a personal & professional development coach is to support proactive individuals and teams to perform in a positive environment at their BEST. Providing a neutral platform on which they will (re)discover their values, accelerate CHANGE in their life, overcome internal obstacles, benefit from their personal talents is what I offer in my sessions. Guidance in building up a life & career in which they will transform their key resources to your key actions and live a balanced, productive, fulfilled and happier life is what makes me feel alive!

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Discovery of your  strengths, talents, and goals.

Mirroring your developmental needs and desires.

Discovering opportunities for an increased income.

Professional development & self-reflection support.

Support for performing in multi-cultural environments.

Structuring an actionable strategy and motivation for career transition.

Supporting you as a team member to clarify your role, individual contribution to your team and methods of high-performance in your corporate environment.

Motivational Coaching

Motivational Coaching

Help identify your core values & challenges.

Dig deep within you to realize and utilize your true motivations.

Help you construct new attitudes linked with your core values.

Help you structure & visualize what a life full of motivation will look like.

Partnering in increased courage and developed strategy for true transformation.

Self-Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Guidance & Support.

For Self-Mastery, goal setting & self-motivation.

For Self – Awareness and Mastery for contributing to a meaningful life and career. 

For developing self-compassion. For increased joy and passion by life-long learning.

For reduced stress levels and anxiety & generating a positive and creative mindset.

For discovering your authentic self & strengths and further developing your skills and talents.


Entrepreneurial Business Coaching


To structure a mindset & mapping out your profitable business strategy, products or services that are evolving from your genius zone.  

To discover relevant ways of visibility.

To define your target group of clients. 

To correlate your life-purpose with your income-tool.

To (re)discover and (re)connect with your professional identity.

To generate sustainable revenue using your unique skills and talents..

To clarify your products and services that are aligned with your core values.

Life Coach Vienna

Body-Mind-Soul Alignment Coaching

Support in;

Generate your applicable methods to self-align & balance.

Motivation for optimal weight, training, sports and well being.

Activate yourself for a healthier, productive and contributive life.

Discovering the potential of your physical, cognitive and spiritual being.

Group Events

Motivational Talks

Motivational Workshops

Team Coaching