My MISSION as a personal & professional development coach is to support more and more PEOPLE who want to: contribute to life in a meaningful manner, visualise whom THEY will become when THEY fulfil THEIR potential, re-discover THEIR values, accelerate CHANGE in their life, overcome internal obstacles, benefit from THEIR personal talents, wake up to the best version of THEMSELVES, have a career in which THEY will transform THEIR key resources to your key actions and live a balanced, productive, fulfilled and happier life.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Determine your strengths, talents, and goals.

Understand your needs and desires.

Guide you to overcoming workplace obstacles.

Help you develop an action plan to attain job satisfaction.

Help you make tricky career decisions.

Help you understand how to network for better careers.

Help you evaluate a job offer.

Motivational Coaching

Motivational Coaching

Help identify your core values & challenges.

Dig deep within you to realize and utilize your true motivations.

Help you construct new attitudes linked with your core values.

Help you structure & visualize what a life full of motivation will look like.

Self-Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Guide & Support you when you need a torch along the way to lighten up.

Personal relationships.


Discovering your authentic self & strengths.

Positive mindset.

Goal setting.

Increased income.

Increased joy and passion.

Reduced stress and anxiety.



Entrepreneurial Business Coaching

Guide you to earn money using your unique skills and talents that you can offer as your services.

Support you to realize that a ‘job’ is a ‘way of contributing to life in a meaningful manner’.

Help you connect and correlate your life-purpose with your income-tool.

Re-discovering and re-connecting with your identity.

Understanding your life purpose

Life Coach Vienna

Body-Mind-Soul Alignment Coaching

Discovering the potential of your physical, cognitive and spiritual being.

Align & Balance.

Activate yourself for a healtier, productive and contributive life.

Group Events

Motivational Talks

Motivational Workshops

Team Coaching