Let's structure your

Let's structure your

My Offer

Hello! This is Dilek.

The value you will get out of my sessions is a focused, guided, structured and efficiently used  opportunity tailor made for you to work on your dream. Getting inspired and motivated to bring your BEST SELF and BEST WORK to life is the natural outcome of this process.

My passion is to contribute to life by supporting you to (re) discover your own values & potential and guiding you towards your best possible future because;

Not every place you fit in is where you belong!

My field of work is based on self-mastery and professional development coaching, change management, intercultural adaptation and career transformation. I work internationally with professionals and teams who want to achieve their goals time and effort efficient. 

Change is doable.

Transformation is possible.

As a former architect I have spent 20+ years of my professional life to help others build their dream physical environment. In time I started to get  more and more curious about what lies behind  the façade for this drive of change.

Currently building bridges between architectural and coaching tools, I want to serve you to structure your dream mental environment for a purposeful and fulfilling life and career.

I am married, a proud mother of two, and an explorer in life. Life-long learning & life-long sharing is  what keeps me alive!

I am working with a concrete structure, a trackable methodology and practically applicable tools. 

I believe in your potential. I ask the right questions. I structure. I motivate.

You succeed.

Success Stories

Dilek is passionate about coaching and making a difference in her clients' lives. As I client, I felt very comfortable talking to her, I felt she was really paying attention to what I was saying, I felt she really cared.
At the end of our sessions I had a sense of peace, greater clarity and enthusiasm. Being an introvert, it's not always easy for me to talk about personal topics or acknowledge limitations or resistance. Dilek has a way of unobtrusively facilitating introspection and infusing clients with the confidence and motivation they need to set their minds towards their goals.
Muriel, 40
Diverse Topics

I recently changed my career path and came to Dilek for coaching support. Dilek helped me to sharpen my awareness of the skills I need and to define steps on how to develop them. Her dynamic, focused style provided me with an amazing coaching experience and a clear action plan on how to be successful in my new role.
Claudia, 49
support with new role in business

From our first meeting Dilek really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the ways to accomplish them. Her dedication and believe eventually led to success in relatively short time. I manage to act on my goals and to change the habits, although in the past I tried with several different methods and coaches this was the first time where I really acted.
Ivana, 37
Changing Life Style

Dilek not only coaches me but also inspires me a lot. That’s the reason I come to her for coaching. Each session with her is life changing for me.. something to keep with me for lifetime… Magical experience which stays with me for so long. I love to be coached by her every single time.
Ranju, 38
Diverse Topics